• Healogics Research - Telemedicine in Woundcare

  • A recent article, co-authored by our Clinical leaders, Professor David Gray and Julie Stanton, published in the Journal of General Practice Nursing, December 2017.

    In a bid to reduce waste and improve productivity in the NHS, a number of patients with longstanding wounds were reviewed using the telemedicine system, which uses telecommunications between remote clinical services to diagnose and treat. In 2016, a pilot study took place at Roxton Medical Practice in Immingham, with specialist input from a tissue viability nurse (TVN). The aim was to maximise the potential for healing and reduce the risk of infection. This article focuses on two patients, whose wounds both healed using telemedicine. The care was linked to evidence-based practice and shows how remote interaction between the general practice nurse and telemedicine tissue viability nurse (GPN, TTVN) led to successful outcomes in debridement and skin care. It also looks at how telemedicine aided the use of compression therapy and improved education and concordance, as well as examining the perspectives of the GPN and TTVN involved, reflecting on how this system has changed their practice.

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