• Midlands Wound Healing Centre - Referrals

    If you would like to self-refer or speak to one of our clinicians please call us on 

    Tel: 0121 285 1039
    Email: birmingham.clinic@uk.healogics.com

    Please do not use this email address to send any patient information as it is not secure. 

    Healogics Wound Healing Centres can treat patients both under the NHS and privately.

    Currently, Healogics have NHS contracts to treat patients living in the areas of East-Sussex for Woundcare and for a condition called Lymphoedema. We can also treat patients in Mid and West-Sussex for Woundcare under the NHS.

    Patients can self-refer to Healogics to be treated privately for a number of conditions. 

    Please click here to see our full contact details in the Midlands.