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    Healogics takes pride in employing wound care experts, and by coupling their skills and experience with our leading-edge resources, we can heal more wounds and change more lives than ever before.

    Every person within the Healogics network is committed to working together to improve wound healing treatments. We are constantly creating and sharing wound prevention and management expertise to help improve the lives of patients with chronic wounds and other complex conditions.

    Due to the complex nature of chronic wounds, Healogics Wound Healing Centres follow a multidisciplinary approach to wound treatment so that a complete care pathway can be followed.

    Optimal wound management calls for specially trained clinicians. Healogics not only trains wound care specialists to a high standard, but also provides proven Clinical Practice Guidelines to help clinicians working at the Healogics Wound Healing Centres obtain consistent and positive outcomes.

    Where necessary, Healogics Wound Healing Centres can also offer advanced wound care therapies such as negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) to promote wound closure, new tissue growth, wound tissue regeneration and much more. The use of these therapies is particularly beneficial for challenging, long-term wounds.

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