• Healogics is a leading wound healing and lymphoedema organisation

      We provide high-quality wound care and lymphoedema treatments to the NHS in England.  

      We are committed to advancing wound healing and lymphoedema treatments by creating and sharing our wound care expertise; everywhere we can, for every patient who would benefit, by the best means available.

      Healogics has a network of Wound Healing and Lymphoedema Centres across East and West Sussex and the Midlands. Our aim is to ensure that patients with challenging wounds and other complex conditions such as Lypmhoedema receive expert care and resources from experienced clinicians.  Our specialist teams in our Wound Healing and Lymphoedema Centres work tirelessly to heal more wounds, treat more lymphoedema and change more lives than ever before. 

      Of all Healogics patients who complete their care plans, approximately 90% are discharged with their wound(s) healed. The average time to healing is 84 days and our patient satisfaction scores are typically around 94%.


    • Healogics has an established reputation in the US for ensuring that patients with chronic wounds receive quality evidence-based care.

      Using our network of specially trained clinicians, the organisation has created a uniform approach to wound assessment and healing, which each year improves the lives of patients with chronic wounds across the company’s nearly 800 Wound Care Centres in the US. 

      Visit our US website to learn more about Healogics US or to contact our US colleagues