What we do

Healogics specialise in the provision of wound healing and lymphoedema services to the NHS. 

Using an evidence-based systematic approach to chronic wound healing, Healogics provides speciality wound care and lymphoedema services for a growing patient population. 

We have multiple Wound Healing and Lymphoedema Centres in the UK. Across our centres we treat people who have chronic wounds and lymphoedema. When given the opportunity to heal patients, the Healogics approach can change the lives of patients and their families.

How we do it

To achieve our results, we use a Healogics evidence based approach and commitment to ensure staff work in a supported environment. The patients’ levels of concordance demonstrates that our staff develop excellent relationships with patients which encourages a sense of partnership. 

Through advanced wound healing techniques, Healogics Clinicians work hand-in-hand with NHS Clinicians to develop a comprehensive care plan for patients with chronic wounds. The result: patients who receive specialty care heal faster than those who receive traditional wound care.

Winners of the 2019 Outstanding Practice in Wound Care Award

The Lymphoedema team at Healogics Wound Care and Lymphoedema Centres was selected as winne...

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